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Where scent-sations begin, and the possibilities are endless! Here at Fragrance Fusion we specialize in 100% Therapeutic grade Essential Oils & perfume oils for both men and women.

Let’s begin with the value of the Essential Oils. There is a difference between “pure” essential oils, and” therapeutic grade”.

Our oils are provided by distilleries all over the world.  Each oil states the country of origin. Why is this important? Because of the quality.  Therapeutic grade oils are grown in regions that the soil conditions are perfect, the altitude for a particular plant is proper, and the distillation process is precise. This provides top quality oils that will support the best results.

All essential oils are naturally antibacterial, and many are anti-viral & antifungal.

For instance, Lavender Oil. No home should be without this valuable oil. The properties will alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia; depression not to mention will help heal the skin, excellent for burns and scarring.

With the cold and flu season upon us, try our Blue Mallee Eucalyptus oil.  Grown in only 2 regions of Australia, it is higher in eucalyptol content, therefore provides a significantly higher antibacterial effect.

Tea Tree Oil is another valuable essential oil . Not only antibacterial, tea tree is also anti-viral & anti-fungal.  These 3 oils blended together can alleviate allergy, cold and flu symptoms & kill bacteria as well as viruses.  Simple inhalation is the most effective method of use.

Our Mineral Rich Himalayan Bath Salts are simply amazing. Specially formulated with the power of therapeutic grade oils, and the incredible 84 minerals that are found in Himalayan salts. These bath salts will soothe the skin & provide a total body aromatherapy experience. Developed to actually dissolve in the bath, and are safe for jetted tubs. Available in Lavender, for relaxation and a good nights sleep-Muscle and Joint Relief, containing Rosemary & Mint- Eucalyptus Blue Mallee to open the airways.

Now, what about Simply Fragrance?  You wear these oils just as you would a perfume or cologne. The difference is that these contain no alcohol, no water, no cologne base, no dilution. This makes the fragrance last longer & stays true on the skin. Many of our oils, customers like all by themselves. Or… you can get inventive! By blending 2-3 oils together we can assist you in creating your own personal scent. Now that is really fun!  Once you have your own “special formula” you can simply wear the fragrance, or we can custom blend it into YOUR choice of bath & body product.

We offer several different formulas of lotions, including organics, from lightweight lotions to thick and rich creams. Something for every skin type.

Headaches? Our Menthol headache relief is a wonder!  Sore muscles? Our natural muscle relief can’t be beat!

All this, along with candles, gifts & a unique shopping experience.

The Finest Selection of Essential Oils, Bath Salts, Holistic Candles, Perfume Oils, Lotions and much more!

Proudly serving Wichita, Andover, Derby, Newton, Goddard, Eldorado

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